We are constantly asked at Elevate “why can’t I use any type of chain for lifting?” and “How to identify chain grade”? The simple answer is that there are many variations designed for different applications.

Chainis generally described using its grade. At Elevate we stock all grades of chain from reputable manufacturers.

Common manufacturers are Thiele, KITO PWB, Yoke, Pewag, Gunnebo and RUD.


Chains are available in self colour, galvanised, Zinc or painted. Most common colours are yellow, Blue, Orange and Green. Most manufacturers have a colour that identifies the chain as theirs.

Commercial Chain– Commercial chain is a basic economical chain manufactured for general purpose applications. Available in galvanised or self-colour options. It is not to be used for lifting or lashing.

证明线圈– Proof Coil is a tested, not heat treated, mild steel chain. Manufactured in sizes from 6mm to 24mm. It is manufactured from low grade carbon steel and is proof tested to at least twice the maximum load recommended for use. Available in galvanised or self-colour options. It is not to be used for lifting or lashing.

Stainless Steel- 不锈钢链由316型或304不锈钢制成,这对于酸,碱性,海洋和盐水环境中的腐蚀具有高度耐腐蚀性。不锈钢链的典型应用包括泵链,网状链和拖网链。提供短期和常规链接。也可在提升级,特别是60级,可应要求提供提升。

70年级– manufactured from high tensile steel. Also know as tie down or transport. Chains and fittings are a vital component of safe transport of goods. Chain suitability is determined by its size, strength, hardness and elongation. Elevate supplies high quality chain and assemblies that comply with AS 4344. Identified by the Australian standard along with the lashing capacity stamped on the links. Grade 70 fittings are available suitable for this grade of chain only.

Grade 80- 由合金钢制成,并坚固并回火。它的承载能力超过3次轻度钢链。该链符合2321Lifting Chains. It is the most common high tensile chain used in chain assemblies and is compatible with an extensive range of lifting fittings. Identified by markings on the link such as T, 8, 80 or 800. Grade 80 is a harder chain than grade 70 and does not yield like lower grades.

Grade 100- 由合金钢制成,并将其硬化和回火,如80年级。它提供比80级更高的工作负载限值。该链符合举链的2321。它与有限的升降配件相容。通过链接上的标记标识,如10,100。

Grade 120– the new player on the block. Still trailing well behind grade 80 and grade 100, Grade 120 chain is designed for the biggest overhead lifting applications. Grade 120 Chain is a premium chain manufactured from high strength alloy steel. Grade 120 Chain has a 50 percent increase in working load limit as compared to a similar size chain in Grade 80. The Significant weight advantage grade 120 offer makes handling, storing and transporting considerably more safely and economical.

有关详细信息,请联系客户服务团队at Elevate and we will answer all you chain related questions.